This is a not-so-little blurb about myself and this blog. I’m twenty-two years old (now 26) and live in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve lived here my entire life but Manhattan (the City) is where I spend all of my time. New York City has always been home. It is the epitome of fashion and inspires my sense of style in many ways.

Why Fashion:

I’m in love with fashion and am ever developing my sense of style. I turned to fashion as an outlet when I was younger and dealing with your average preteen struggles of school and friendship. Since then, I’ve been hooked. Some of my favorite brands include: Marc Jacobs and Ted Baker. Fashion keeps me inspired. I’d describe my style as feminine and classic (sometimes laid back) with a trendy touch. Some trends are fun.

Why beauty:

I’ve been interested in makeup since high school. But at the time, the most I wore was winged liner every now and then. I didn’t start wearing makeup until a little past my 22nd birthday. With time, I’ve gotten the hang of it, but I’m no pro. I’m always looking to learn and improve my skills, try new products, and find what works for me. There are definitely adventurous makeup looks I want to try and create. It’s a journey.

This blog:

This isn’t my first blog as I had a fashion blog before: lamodedejuline.blogspot.com. I created it at 14 years old and deleted when I was 16. This is one of my major regrets. I’ve missed blogging so much that I’m ready for round two.

This blog will be about fashion, beauty, and the little things in between. By that I mean there will also be posts about playlists (since music is one of my obsessions), interior decor, great reads (I’m always reading new books), cool new recipes I try, and reviews on places to eat and see. Fashion and beauty posts will focus on current trends, style tips, product reviews, skincare, and makeup looks.

Overall, I’m very excited for this blog.

Thanks for making it this far. I hope that you enjoy this blog whether you’re a one time reader or a daily visiter.