With Everything Going On…

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I wanted to write another post during these hard times when many are social distancing/in quarantine. I’m definitely staying in as much as I can. This isn’t easy for me because, as introspective as I can be, I’m more of an extrovert and like being around other people. With that said, there are many ways to keep busy indoors. I, myself, have online classes and other things to work on for now.

I’m adding a bit of info here that can hopefully help you too!

Exercise: Fitness programs/apps offer free class streaming (some ranging from one week to a month for new subscribers). Some include: P.volve, Active by Popsugar, Sweat (for the trial you have to sign up in-app – iPhone & Android/Google), and Openfit. There are also a ton of videos on youtube, like FitnessBlender.

I didn’t like working out initially but my order of preference goes from at home, studio classes, and then the gym. So, this is ideal for me personally as I try to get back into it.

Meditation: Simple Habit has limited free meditations and Calm put together this compilation for these times especially.

Hope this helps,

and remember:

wash your hands and keep your social distance.



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