Kylie Lip kit and Kyshadow Palette

This is my very first blog post and will be a review of the Kyshadow Burgundy Palette and the Posie K Lip Kit.


Kylie had a pop-up shop in Soho and I was unable to attend. Despite this, I was still able to score some products. I had decided on the Burgundy palette and the Posie K lip kit.

The Burgundy Kyshadow Palette


This palette has some amazing shades that are especially perfect for fall and also works for any season. It has warm tones that I think can compliment any skin tone. I’ve found that my favorite colors to use are Penny (top, right), L.A. (middle, left), Burgundy (middle, center), and Almond (Bottom, right).


(In the above photo I have Almond on the lids and Burgundy on the crease)


(Pictured above is L.A. on the lids, Burgundy on the crease, and Posie K on the lips)

I’ve used this palette alongside the Urban Decay primer potion and the shades last all day. My eyelids have a tendency to get oily as the day goes on. So, its endurance is a big deal for me even if they don’t stay as vibrant.

The Posie K Lip Kit


I found Posie K to be a beautiful bright pink color on me that really draws attention to the lips. I had no need to reapply when I used the matte liquid lipstick alongside the matching lip pencil. For me, that is an amazing feat. I usually have to reapply my lipstick after eating but this was not the case with this combo. I have yet to try the liquid lipstick on it’s own and will update this post with the details of how that goes soon.

I find Kylie’s products to be long-lasting. The photos of me included in this post are a testament to their endurance as they were taken at the end of long days. These photos were captured right before I took my makeup off for bed. Overall, I highly recommend the lip kits and kyshadows as almost everyone else has. I look forward to using more Kylie products in the future.

Thanks for reading my first post on this blog!



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